Purpose has the power to transform

A man came across three masons who were working at chipping chunks of granite from large blocks. The first seemed unhappy at his job, chipping away and frequently looking at his watch. When the man asked what it was that he was doing, the first mason responded, rather curtly, “I’m hammering this stupid rock, and I can’t wait ’til 5 when I can go home.”

A second mason, seemingly more interested in his work, was hammering diligently and when asked what it was that he was doing, answered, “Well, I’m molding this block of rock so that it can be used with others to construct a wall. It’s not bad work, but I’ll sure be glad when it’s done.”

A third mason was hammering at his block fervently, taking time to stand back and admire his work. He chipped off small pieces until he was satisfied that it was the best he could do. When he was questioned about his work he stopped, gazed skyward and proudly proclaimed, “I…am building a cathedral!”

Three men, three different attitudes, all doing the same job.

With startling clarity, this story illustrates that purpose has the power to transform.

How about you? Are you merely existing day-to-day – or living a life of purpose?



અસંખ્ય જન્મો ગયા, અધ્યાત્મિક પ્રાપ્તિ ના થાઈ એનો અફસોસ નથી થાતો, પરંતુ કાઈક ખોવાઈ જાય છે ત્યારે મોટું નુકશાન થયું એવો થાય છે

Watch your expectations

In any relationship, trouble starts with “I expect from you that…..”
As professionals, spouses, parents, friends (any relationship) we expect many or some favour.
As a student I didn’t want to sacrifice my enjoyments for studies, now as a father I expect my kids to be studious!!!!!?
So? Is it bad as a parent to tell your kids to study well.
No not at all.
Watch the limits. Don’t compel. Just guide.