અસંખ્ય જન્મો ગયા, અધ્યાત્મિક પ્રાપ્તિ ના થાઈ એનો અફસોસ નથી થાતો, પરંતુ કાઈક ખોવાઈ જાય છે ત્યારે મોટું નુકશાન થયું એવો થાય છે


Watch your expectations

In any relationship, trouble starts with “I expect from you that…..”
As professionals, spouses, parents, friends (any relationship) we expect many or some favour.
As a student I didn’t want to sacrifice my enjoyments for studies, now as a father I expect my kids to be studious!!!!!?
So? Is it bad as a parent to tell your kids to study well.
No not at all.
Watch the limits. Don’t compel. Just guide.