*Meat Free Tuesdays* As the stormy weather ensues… Let a warm wholesome bowl of Kadhi warm your insides.


The changing of season  has arrived.  I finally went outside to check what if anything was still growing in my vegetable boxes. I wasn’t hopeful seeing that we have had some awful weather the last week or so.  Surprisingly, I found some tomatoes among the kale and spinach.  Green, ready to take inside to ripen and beautifully formed. The tomatoes have been one of my favourite plants that I have grown this year.  The taste of home-grown tomatoes cannot compare to anything I have ever eaten in the UK.  The closest would be when I have eaten them in the Med, Kenya or India.  I can honestly say I grew the most delicious tomatoes I have ever eaten! However, next year I will grow them better by spreading out the plants more so that they grow bigger.  And I want to try to can them, too.  The thought of using…

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A Vegetarian in London- My Sojourn

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In Mumbai, my hometown, I was considered blessed because I had an open taste palette (relative thinking, you see, this is soon about to change when I move to London). Let me describe one incident to explain this.This one time, I came home & complained of stomach ache. Most likely, it was because of eating too much. Like all mom’s,  my mom wanted to know what all I then had eaten. I said I that I’ve eaten the most yummiest Lasagna ever. Next thing I know, she launches a straight attack on Italian food.  Except that she didn’t actually know what Lasagna was, or that it was Italian or weather the restaurant was clean or not? Have I eaten at this restaurant before? Weather I had eaten something that doesn’t normally  suit me? Nopes! Just plain and simple  “Who eats LasajieaaEE, whatever it is that you ate! No wonder you got ill”

For any…

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