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स्वगृहे पूज्यते मूर्खः स्वग्रामे पूज्यते प्रभुः।

स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान्सर्वत्र पूज्यते॥

English translation of Sanskrit Quote:

A fool is worshiped at his home.
A chief is worshiped in his town.
A king is worshiped in his kigdom.
A knowledgeable person is worshipped everywhere.

Subhashitani सुभाषितानि

हंसः श्वेतो बकः श्वेतो को भेदो बकहंसयोः ।नीरक्षीरविवेके हंसः हंसः बकः बकः ॥Swan is white. So is a Crane. A swan is known for its grace, intelligence and ability to separate milk from water good from the sinister. External appearance may be same. But what differentiates them is that unique talent.

via Subhashitani सुभाषितानि.